Living Out the New by Reframing the Old


FRAMEThe term “reframing” happens in coaching.  It simply means using a new perspective, image or outlook, even a title to change your perception. An example from a coaching session is a client who “deals in antique clothing” now seeing herself as a “fashion curator”.  Notice the difference in sound and look of those two phrases?  One is ordinary and uninspiring, the other is extraordinary and has indeed inspired the bearer of that title.

Becoming the New

An overweight person who sees themselves in a temporary, highly flexible state will find it easier to learn new ways of eating and living, and eventually walk into the “new thing”. Perspective has such impact that if we were to harness it, we would move forward into a goal and vision.

Choose Your Frame

What area of your life needs an upgrade? Let’s say it’s your career; you want more satisfaction. Think of yourself as in process of becoming what you are intended to be, even if it entails an entire career switch. Most skills are transferable, so think of yourself as having a unique skill set to bring to the next career or area of livelihood.

Think Outside the Frame

In order to move in the new, our thinking has to be new, unusual. It’s only a matter of stepping outside of habitual ways of thinking and perceiving, and this happens by brainstorming, sharing ideas, having someone who actively listens. If you are not open to being coached, find someone who will partner with you to create a vision, to question your ways of thinking, to hold you accountable to change and best of all, to celebrate the little victories along the way.

Let reframing give your new year a fresh new look. Click here to learn more.


Joanna Mastopietro

Joanna Mastopietro

Having once been a professional flamenco dancer, my coaching and writing are inspired by the precision and intensity of this performing art.Whatever drove me to practice that art form for fifteen years is what drives me to apply the same art form that is coaching.It's not therapy, not counseling -- it's collaboration.And the fruit of that is a more artful life.One that expresses your true self.
Joanna Mastopietro

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