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Coaching is a collaborative, powerful and transformative process that moves you from your present level to the next through clarification, prioritizing, dismantling limiting beliefs … [Read More...]


Professional Life Coaching

I have a passion for both writing and speaking, and I use these skills in coaching to effectively draw out my clients' true purpose and passion in any area of life . In our coaching sessions, … [Read More...]

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I was trained at Fowler International Academy of Coaching Professionals by master coach Berry Fowler, the founder and former chairman of Sylvan Learning Centers. During my training, Berry taught me a … [Read More...]

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Coaching: Before and After

  Moving From Now to Wow! A recent coaching client made an easy “image transfer” during our coaching sessions. At the outset, I asked her to talk about her goal. (Due to the nature of her business, this client graciously granted permission to use her name).  Describing herself as a “multi-unit commercial real estate investor,” Sheryl Eldredge […]

Lion of Judah

Your Best Version

  You have all you need within you to become the best version of yourself. But how do you discover the “all you need”?  Some people may take the time needed for in-depth soul-searching and contemplation of all possible solutions to a problem or the map to a goal.  Most of us just set our pilot […]


Living Out the New by Reframing the Old

  The term “reframing” happens in coaching.  It simply means using a new perspective, image or outlook, even a title to change your perception. An example from a coaching session is a client who “deals in antique clothing” now seeing herself as a “fashion curator”.  Notice the difference in sound and look of those two […]


From New Year Resolution to Reality

  With the New Year comes fresh starts, fresh outlooks.   And with the tradition of resolutions comes the tradition of resolutions unresolved.  Here’s the catch: Accountability.  If you’ve resolved to organize your bills and pay off debts, who will hold you to it?  Who will draw out from you the all-important “why” which motivates you?  Or give […]


Your Dream Career in the New Year

What would it take for you to pursue your true calling, rather than just working for a paycheck?  For me it was a national economic downfall and being laid off from a corporate, lucrative administrative job. I didn’t realize how draining my job really was until my first day of unemployment. It was like a […]

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Joanna’s coaching is clear, precise and focused. The help and support you get from a life coach like Joanna  is so valuable in reaching your goals as she comes on board with your vision, helps you prioritize, and holds you accountable, bringing out the potential needed to pursue and accomplish your dreams.
Susanna Nicole